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Renew your registered Mobile lines for a further 12 months

Update your personal details to stay connected

  • All Prepaid Mobile lines customers are required to renew their lines 12 months after the date of completion of the SIM registration process.
  • This regulation applies to all telecom operators in the Kingdom and covers registered prepaid services.
  • All customers are required to renew their Prepaid Mobile lines under their valid ID number (CPR/passport/CR)* through either of the following methods:
    •  Send a valid ID number (CPR/passport/CR) verification to shortcode 88288
    •  Use USSD by calling *882# and follow the steps

Important Notices

  • Customer must renew their registered prepaid mobile lines after one year from registration date, on an annual basis.
  • Customer must renew all their prepaid lines by sending their valid ID number (CPR/passport/CR)


As per TRA regulation, all prepaid Mobile lines requested to renew their Prepaid Mobile lines.

When does the customer need to renew his/her lines?

All prepaid lines who completed the SIM Registration process 1 year after the Sim Registration date. The customer is requested to renew his/her Sim Registration on annual basis.

How does the customer need to renew his/her Prepaid Mobile lines?

  1. Send a Valid CPR/ID to 88288. * or
  2. Call *882# and follow the SIM registration steps. *

Does this apply on Postpaid lines?

No, only Mobile Prepaid lines are requested to comply to this regulation.

Who is required to renew their Mobile Lines?

All active Prepaid lines Consumers and Enterprise customers

What should I do if my ID has expired?

The Customer has to renew his ID and then visit any Batelco shop to update his ID details before following the renewal process.

How often does the Prepaid customer need to complete the Sim Renewal process ?

Prepaid customers need to renew their Prepaid Sim Registration on a yearly basis from the date of last registration.

*All the prepaid lines under ID number (CPR ID / CR ID) will be renewed.