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RED BOX Home WiFi Solutions


WiFi the way it should be

Introducing Batelco Red Box
Strong WiFi in every room.

Red Box

Batelco Red Box covers your whole home in fast, reliable WiFi and will keep the buffering away.

Expand your WiFi

coverage when you

add more Batelco Red Boxes

throughout your home

Batelco Red Box is a modular system that will give you wall-to-wall home coverage and a strong signal throughout your home.

Red Box

3 Simple Steps to Set Up your Batelco Red Box

Step 1:

Place the Batelco Red Box next to your WiFi router.

Step 2:

Plug in your Batelco Red Box and wait until the red LED light is steady.

Step 3:

Press and hold the WPS button on both the WiFi router and the Batelco Red Box for 3 seconds and wait for approximately 1 minute until the connection is complete.

Once you complete the setup, place the Batelco Red Box at the desired location to extend the signal and enjoy your WiFi.

Use the calculator below to calculate how many Batelco Red Boxes you need for a strong WiFi connection throughout your home.


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