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Level Up Your Game
Batelco Partners with D11 to take your gaming to the next level

Esports, also known as electronic sports is organized competitive video gaming. It involves teams or individuals competing against each other in tournaments for cash or other forms of prizes. It’s the same as traditional sports, athletes are constantly contesting for the top spots in their sport, or game, of choice. In Esports, opponents can compete against each other on various platforms including mobile, PC & game consoles.

On offer are all major game titles, both casual and Esports, low latency, live streaming in high definition, combined with a chance to compete with the best in the region, get prizes and host tournaments with friends and family.

Why Esports with Batelco?


Earn Cash Prizes and D11 Gaming Points for being part of the community, playing in tournaments, completing challenges and more. Spend D11 Points for gaming rewards in the D11 Store.


Become a local hero by competing and winning in competitive Esports tournaments designed for everyone.


Get a chance to play with or against your favourite streamers or Youtubers. D11 gaming gives you the opportunity to connect with content creators across different games. Also get the change to create your own tournaments and compete against your friends.