Batelco Re-Opens Enma Mall Shop following Major Refurbishment

December 24, 2019

Batelco celebrated the opening of its branch in Enma Mall following the completion of its refurbishment as part of the Company’s strategy to redesign its branches in line with its identity. The revamped shop aims to provide services to its customers in a modern and convenient setting. In addition, the waiting area has been expanded and equipped with the latest devices to enhance the customer experience while they wait.

Batelco General Manager Consumer Division Maha Abdulrahman, who attended the opening said,

“We are very pleased to unveil our revamped shop which has also been expanded in response to customers’ requests for more room, and in order to serve them better.”

“We’re delighted to welcome our customers to visit the shop and benefit from our great range of products and promotions. We aim to meet their needs and ensure the best overall experience for our customers at all times,” she added.

The shop continues to provide the complete range of Batelco’s products and services, along with amazing offers on packages and the latest devices. Batelco’s Enma Mall Shop is open from 9am to 10pm from Saturday to Wednesday and from 9am to 11pm, Thursday and Friday.


1.       Batelco General Manager Consumer Division Maha Abdulrahman

2.     Enma Mall revamped and expanded shop